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Indian Government Cyber Security Internships [2023] Freshers

Indian government cybersecurity internship programs

The purpose of cybersecurity is to protect against unauthorized access or damage to digital assets including servers, networks, mobile apps, web apps, and websites. In other words, it helps you defend and recover your networks, devices, and programs from all types of cyber-attacks. With the increasing amount of exposure the internet has, both commercial and personal data are at risk of being compromised. This means that businesses, governments, and individuals are all susceptible to cyber-attacks. As cyber crimes are growing up in India, various Indian Government authorities are providing cyber security internships to enforce cyber intelligence and reduce cyber crimes by creating more skilled cybersecurity professionals.

According to the National Association of Software and Services Companies, 1 million cyber security specialists are needed to address cyber threats. As a result, this is a great opportunity for young individuals who want to make a name for themselves in this hard area. They can start by obtaining an IT degree or the most crucial certifications, such as the cyber security certification, or by taking a well-designed cyber security course. Completing a cybersecurity internship always increases the chances of getting a job in the cybersecurity field. The majority of the cybersecurity companies in India prefer trained candidates for cybersecurity entry-level positions Here we have listed the various Indian Government cybersecurity internship programs for freshers.

Working in cyber security requires a deep understanding of the different types of cyber crimes and a commitment to professional ethics. Accordingly, all Cybersecurity interns should complete internships with AICTE NEAT 2.0, CCIO, and CPEW certifications. Only candidates who are certified as CIOs and CPEW will get authorized certification in the Cybersecurity field.

Most In-demand Cybersecurity Positions Required in India

  • Cybersecurity strategic consultant
  • Chief Information security officer
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) experts
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Network security engineer
  • Forensic Analyst
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst
  • Security Architect
  • Cybersecurity product development managers
  • Cyber security manager

Indian Government Portals Offering Cybersecurity Internships 

  1. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Internship Scheme India 
  2. national crime records bureau india cyber security internship program government of india

    The National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) summer internship program was designed to give students interested in law enforcement a chance to learn about data collection and analysis, fingerprint science, and the use of IT in police work. This year’s interns will also have the opportunity to work on developing software for the use of the public and police.

    NCRP Program was initiated by the government of India with the objective of integrating the knowledge base of interested and willing students in the methods of collection and compilation of data on Crime and Criminals, storage and retrieval of Crime and Criminal related data, and Finger Print Science. This cybersecurity internship program offered by the Government of India is fully focused on Forensic Science.

    Also, the NCRB interns are also responsible for the collection and processing of crime statistics and fingerprints, coordinating, guiding, and assisting the State Crime Records Bureau, and providing training to police officers. 

    Website: https://ncrb.gov.in/en/

    Brochure: National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Internship Scheme India 

    Eligibility & Educational Qualifications

    • Students pursuing Graduation/ Post-Graduation/ degree in Computer Science / Computer Applications/ Information Technology from UGC or AICTE-recognized universities / Institutions on regular basis.

    Desirable Qualifications for Preference

    • Students have completed courses in programming languages like “R”,
    • Python and Java will be preferred. 
    • Students having exposure to Cyber Security/Forensics content creation, and multimedia editing will also be considered. Modules based on .Net and Cyber Crime Investigation, Content creation Multimedia etc.

    Main Topics Covered in the Internship Programme

    • Information Security
    • Network Security
    • Website Security
    • Application Testing through Automated Tools
    • Management of CCTNS and NCRB Network
    • Development of web services in Application Software development
    • Crime Analytics through Big Data Analysis. 
    • Development of Mobile Apps. 
    • Data Quality Management. 
    • Data Analytics

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  3. IIT Kanpur E& ICT Academy Cyber Security with Ethical Hacking Internship
  4. IIT Kanpur India cyber security internship government of india

    The Electronics & ICT Academy (E & ICT Academy) at IIT Kanpur, India strives to provide students with industry-focused and industry-driven courses in electronics and information and communications technology (ICT) for students, teachers, and professionals in the Electronics or IT industry. The academy aims to narrow the gap between the academic approach to electronics and ICT domains as provided by educational institutions and the practically oriented approach demanded by the industry. The academy is working to enhance the domain expertise of interested faculty members, with a special focus on faculty in the three northern states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab, and the two union territories of Delhi and Chandigarh.

    In this course, you will gain an understanding of the basics of cyber security and IT defense. The concepts of software and system security will be covered, including control hijacking attacks such as buffer overflow, integer overflow, bypassing browsers, and memory protection. You will also learn about sandboxing and isolation, as well as tools and techniques for writing robust application software. Finally, you will be introduced to security vulnerability detection tools and techniques such as program analysis (static, concolic, and dynamic analysis).

    Website: https://ict.iitk.ac.in/

    Brochure: https://ict.iitk.ac.in/product/cyber-security-with-ethical-hacking-with-internship-project-letter/

    Eligibility & Educational Qualifications

    This is a skill acquisition cybersecurity program including the internship by the Indian Institute of Technology the prime professional institution by the Government of India, this course is designed for those who are willing to learn cybersecurity strategies, tools, and best practices of information security.

    Students: All students who are pursuing professional graduate/post-graduate courses related to computer science or Information Technology.

    Teachers/Faculties: All computer science and engineering teachers/faculties.

    Professionals: All IT professionals in the application development domain.

  5. National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) Work-Based Learning
  6. NIELIT India cyber security internship government of india.webp.webp

    NIELIT Srinagar offers a work-based learning programme on Cybersecurity with a stipend of 10000/INR per month. Remember this learning programme is only for Scheduled Caste/Tribe/EWS women candidates. This programme is to facilitate the interaction of the minority women in India to the Technology industry-based corporate world and make them independent. The selected candidates are mentored by qualified and experienced scientists from the NIELIT Bhubaneswar.

    Website: https://nielit.gov.in/content/work-based-learning-3

    Brochure: NIELIT Work Based Learning

    Eligibility & Educational Qualifications

    • B.Tech / B.E./ Equivalent, M.Sc, M.C.A Completed/Pursuing (7th/8th semester) (Only SC/ST/EWS/Women candidates)
    • Should have a minimum 50% aggregate score in the listed courses
    • Are available for a duration of 6 Months
    • Interested in Cybersecurity or in the information security 

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  7. Additional Skill Acquisition Program Kerala (ASAP) Cybersecurity Skill Course
  8. ASAP KERALA India cyber security internship government of india

    This is a skill-oriented cybersecurity course by the Government of Kerala. The goal of this program is to give students the skills they need to prevent cyber-attacks on computer operating systems, networks, and data. The course will teach learners how to monitor systems and take action to mitigate threats. By the end of the program, participants should be able to confidently defend systems, networks, and data against cyber-attacks.

    Major Cybersecurity Courses offered by the ASAP Kerala

    • Cyber Security-Security Operations Centre Analyst
    • Certificate course in Prevention of Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management
    • Certificate Examination in IT Security

    Website: https://asapkerala.gov.in/

    Brochure/Link to the Course: https://asapkerala.gov.in/course/cyber-security-security-operations-centre-analyst/

    Eligibility & Educational Qualifications

    Graduates in any discipline (students pursuing graduation can also enroll)

  9. ICT Academy of Kerala (Supported by Govt. of India)
  10. ICT Academy kerala India cyber security internship government of india

    Major Cybersecurity Courses offered by the ASAP Kerala

    Certified Cyber Security Analyst​

    Website: https://ictkerala.org/

    Brochure: https://ictkerala.org/course?code=LCS005

    Eligibility & Educational Qualifications

    • B.Tech/BSc graduates/Polytechnic in any engineering branches and should have a foundation level knowledge in the computer.
    • Students waiting for the final examination results are also eligible to apply
    • Maximum age is 56

  11. Gurugram Police (India) Cyber Security Summer Internship 2022 
  12. Gurugram Police (India) Cyber Security Summer Internship 2022 

    Website: https://vgu.ac.in/

  13. Cyberdome Kerala – Join as a Cyberdome Volunteer &  Get Practical Training
  14. Cyberdome Kerala - Join as a Cyberdome Volunteer &  Get Practical Training

    Cyberdome is the official cybersecurity wing of the Kerala Police under the office of the Government of Kerala, India. Experienced cybersecurity strategists and cybersecurity professionals can join as cyberdome volunteers in order to enhance and strengthen the potential of Cyberdome to prevent cybercrimes happens in the state. This is a service-oriented volunteering opportunity for cybersecurity professionals and can be considered practical training in Cyber Law and protection.

    Website: https://www.cyberdome.kerala.gov.in

    Brochure/Link to the Course:: https://www.cyberdome.kerala.gov.in/joinus.html

  15. National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) Internship Program
  16. National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) Cybersecurity Internship Program

    National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) Internship Program is one of the Cybersecurity Internship programs by the Government of India, NCIIPC’s team is dealing with challenges in Cyber Security, Information Technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT), Policy, Regulations that deals with the security of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) of the Country. National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) Internship program is designed to be aligned with the trend of Best Practices in ICT Security especially focused on the protection of CII.

    Major Areas of NCIIPC) Cyber Security Internship Program

    ➢ Information Technology Security Challenges
    ➢ Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
    ➢ Operational Technology using ICS/ SCADA Systems
    ➢ Malware Analysis
    ➢ Mobile App Security
    ➢ Database Security
    ➢ Network Security
    ➢ AI in ICT Security
    ➢ Data Analytics
    ➢ Cloud Security

    Duration of the Cybersecurity Internship Program

    A minimum of 4 Months and a maximum of 6 months depending on the area of the internship chosen for the candidate

    Education Qualification for Eligibility

    B-Tech/BE (pursuing or obtained) in Electronics/Electronics & Communication/Electronics & Tele-Communication/Electrical & Electronics/Computer Science/MCA/ B.Sc./M.Sc. in Computer Science/IT or related fields as one of the Majors or Equivalent as approved by Authority.
    M-Tech (pursuing or obtained) in Electronics/ Electronics & Communication/ Electronics & Tele-Communication/Electrical & Electronics/ Computer Science.

    Website: https://nciipc.gov.in/NCIIPC_internship.html

Frequently Asked Questions on Cybersecurity Internships

Which company is best for Cyber Security internship?

There are several companies in India that are providing cybersecurity Internships, Wattlecorp Cybersecurity Labs, and Red Team Labs are the major cybersecurity internship provider for freshers, working professionals, and other ethical hacking enthusiasts.

What kind of projects do you do in a cyber security internship?

Cybersecurity is the field of the IT industry which is focussing on securing digital assets by making websites, apps, networks, and servers secure by finding and fixing vulnerabilities.

Is Cyber Security internship good?

Obviously, Yes, a Cybersecurity internship by Government authorizations and Private companies helps you to land a dream job in the cybersecurity industry.

How technical is cyber security?

Cybersecurity is a little bit technical field where you have to find out the vulnerabilities of the network, servers, websites, mobile apps, and more. So you have to analyze the structure of these digital assets and make them free of vulnerabilities

Does cyber security use coding?

For entry-level cybersecurity analyst jobs coding skills are not required, but you have to learn and improve your coding skills to move up in your career for advanced-level cybersecurity analyst positions.

Is cybersecurity stressful?

Stress is for those who are not enjoying their work, if you are passionate about information security and interested in a challenging field IT industry, then cybersecurity is a good option for you.

Is cyber security a flexible job?

Yes, Cybersecurity is a flexible job, you can work remotely from anywhere in the world, a lot of remote job opportunities are available in the field, check out LinkedIn for openings.

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