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How to Legally Torrent in Germany

How to torrent in Germany safely and legally

Isn’t it strange to hear that torrenting or streaming is illegal in Germany? 

Well, this is a fact that we all need to accept. 

If anyone works against that, the German government will impose fines on them.

Germans take the law very seriously!

It is highly risky to download movies in Germany. Those who violate the anti-piracy law can get big fines.

On average, it could be up to 1000 euros!

Scared to go there?


You can safely stream or torrent your favorite movies without getting into much trouble.

Can you guess what will help you accomplish this goal?

It is none other than the VPN, or Virtual Private Network. Here we are explaining in detail how to torrent in Germany in 2022.

What is torrenting?

Torrenting is a method of sharing files for those who want to download the files they desire without any cost or limits to the size of the file or to the bandwidth. 

Torrents, also known as peer-to-peer file sharing, have been widely used to access data. 

Torrenting using BitTorrent, which is a legitimate file transfer protocol, can be called “legal torrenting” as long as the content can be downloaded or uploaded legally. 

However, if it is used for downloading copyrighted material, like a brand or new movie, without the permission of copyright owners, it is illegal.

Beware of that!

Nevertheless, Germany took a firm approach in its stance towards the use of torrents, with the aim of cutting down on pirating of any content and infringement of copyright law. 


If you use legal torrent sources, then there will not be any problems.

The situation becomes worse only if you download copyrighted materials such as major theatrical movie releases, TV shows, and pornography.

Is torrenting illegal in Germany in 2022?


Torrenting is illegal in Germany, just like streaming.

There are instances of imposing heavy fines on those who dare to download their favorite movies. 

The German government strictly warns its German citizens to not download any copyrighted files such as major theatrical movie releases, TV shows, and pornography.

Is streaming not allowed in Germany?

Germany does not permit streaming content that does not follow the proper copyright rules.

They are considered illegal in Germany.

123Movies is an instance of an illegal streaming site in Germany.

Netflix, Discord, Twitch, and YouTube are legal for streaming in Germany.

Law firm in Germany threatens with ‘Abmahnung’ notices

BitTorrent users in Germany are threatened with Abmahnung (Cease and Desist) notices.

Abmahnung is a German term for a written warning

It is a formal request from one person to another to stop doing something. The country regularly issues such notices to prevent torrenting. 

These are often used as initial warning letters.

These notices demand a fine of anything from a few hundred euros to upwards of 1000 euros. Abmahnung letters are circulated as scam letters by law firms.

The best way to avoid Abmahnung letters is to ensure that you protect your online privacy with a VPN, such that you never use your actual IP address when you torrent movies.

A VPN, by the way, doesn’t give sanctions for downloading any illegal or copyrighted material online.

How to escape yourself from predatory Abmahnung letters?

You can protect yourself from these threatening Abmahnung letters:

  1. By downloading legal torrents
  2. By protecting your privacy online
  3. By not paying wrongful settlement demands

How are your torrent downloads monitored in Germany?

Germany monitors or blocks your torrent downloads in 2 ways:

1)Using your IP address: In Germany, IP addresses are used to identify torrents.

All the torrent peers can view your public IP address and it can be logged with the help of automated software because the BitTorrent protocol is designed in such a way. 

Thus, it is important to disguise your actual IP address while torrenting.

You can depend on a VPN to hide your original IP address.

2)Using your web history: Another way of tracking your torrent sites is by using your web history. 


How does this happen? 

The internet service provider has access to a list of all the torrent sites you have gone onto on the internet and of everything you have downloaded by torrenting. 

But you can prevent this with the help of some means of encryption, like a VPN.

Otherwise, your ISP will monitor your web history (torrent sites) and torrent downloads in Germany.

Is it safe to use 123 movies, Putlocker, and F movies in Germany?

No, It is not safe to use such sites.

123Movies, F-Movies, and Popcorn Time are sites that violate copyright rules. Among these sites, using popcorn time is risky. 

You will easily get caught as it uses BitTorrent to stream the movies.

So, it is always a safe decision to stay away from such sites.

These are stamped as illegal sites in Germany.

Whenever you use such illegal sites, they might trick you and start downloading the movie in the background while you are watching the movie. After finishing downloading it onto your computer, it is later uploaded and shared with other users.

This is illegal distribution or torrenting. Ultimately, you are opening the door for you to receive a fine in Germany.

Be careful about choosing a legal streaming service to watch your favorite Marvel movies.

You will get a penalty for Torrenting in Germany – even if you live with other flatmates

A violation is a violation even though your flatmate streams or downloads the latest episodes of Games of Thrones and your name is the one on the mobile contract.

Chances are high that the fine will be in your name. 

This is because of the fact that your ISPs are obliged to provide your information to law firms. Torrenting movies will make your IP address visible to others.

Some law firms are entitled to monitor torrents of famous movies. 

Those who download movies may be identified since their IP addresses are collected.

You have the option to dispute this fine, hire a lawyer, and plead that it was your flatmate who was the actual downloader.

Yet, you might need to go further to prove this!

It is better to refrain from such situations.

Instead of catching pirates, law firms usually go for easy targets. That’s why you escaped scot-free when using streaming sites.

It’s a little difficult!

However, it’s very easy to catch torrents using people. For that reason, Germany has very few public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Is it possible to use Hulu in Germany?

It is not possible as Hulu is an American subscription streaming service. Likewise, Showtime cannot be used in Germany.

Hope you get a clear idea of the illegal streaming sites in Germany.

Now let’s see the list of legal streaming sites in Germany.

Here is the ultimate list of the most popular ones.

100% legal streaming sites in Germany 

  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime video 
  • Google Play movies 
  • iTunes 
  • Wow
  • HBO 
  • Sky Q
  • Rakuten TV
  • Magenta TV
  • Maxdome
  • Apple TV
  • USTV now

By the way, it is clear from the list that Netflix and Amazon Prime are the two most popular streaming services in Germany.

How to Torrent in Germany with a VPN for Downloading Movies?

A VPN is a great help for movie lovers in Germany because it will help you get access to any content.

A VPN does so by spoofing your real location. 

We have seen that some streaming sites are illegal to use in Germany.

But as a movie lover, how will you overcome this?


Use a high-quality and reliable VPN.

Let’s see how to download torrents anonymously and safely with a free VPN in Germany.

Just follow these steps and you’ll be fine.

1) Choose a server location that is torrent-friendly

The VPN is spread over many servers in multiple countries around the world.

Before torrenting, it is important to ensure that you choose a server that is amenable to file sharing by torrenting.

The countries that support torrenting are Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and Romania.

2) Check whether DNS leak protection is enabled

Only a high-quality VPN will protect you from DNS leaks if it is configured properly.

As the VPN helps to encrypt your connection, it is impossible to observe or alter your DNS queries.

3) Always make sure that your actual IP address is unavailable while you are torrenting 

This has to be done to avoid further privacy issues.

4) Use P2P- friendly Servers

Not every VPN permits torrenting on all their servers.

Some VPNs are built with dedicated P2P servers.

They can be found very easily by using keywords like “P2P” or “torrenting” in the search field. 

If you use a VPN with servers that are not P2P-friendly, your traffic will most likely be blocked.

While selecting a VPN, it is important to ensure that it has P2P-friendly servers.

5) Start Torrenting in Germany

Now you can torrent with your chosen VPN connected to a server in an area that allows torrenting.

They help you to download torrents by keeping in mind that other users can see only your VPN server’s IP address and that your IP address is ultra-protected.

This is because your torrents are encrypted.

As a result, you can fool your law firms and everything you do will become legal in Germany.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Additional benefits of using a VPN for Torrenting in Germany

A VPN enables you to unblock shows and videos that are only available in other countries.

A VPN helps you access websites blocked in your country and enhances your online privacy by adding a layer of anonymity.

Important: Even if the VPN secures your traffic, it doesn’t mean that it is enough to torrent safely in Germany.

For that purpose, you should have a VPN that has a no-logs policy. 

As a result, the VPN can’t see the sites you visit and the files you download.

Otherwise, any lawyers or copyright agencies could ask the VPN to hand over your data, which is a danger.

So, it is mandatory to select a VPN with no logging policy.

When it comes to selecting a better VPN for safe torrenting, always pick one with unlimited bandwidth, military-grade encryption, DNS leak protection, and easy one-click connectivity. 


Let’s recap the whole thing on how to torrent in Germany!

Being digitally secure is one of the most difficult challenges in today’s treacherous digital world, especially when torrenting any movies or TV shows.

As torrenting is illegal in Germany, we have to consider this. 

So, the best method is to install the reputed Android VPN App on your device.

It allows safe torrenting and you can watch your favorite movies at your fingertip.

Also, this will allow you to avoid unpleasant Abmahnung/cease-and-desist notices.

That’s all!

You will be safe!

Frequently Asked Questions on Torrenting in Germany

Is piracy prohibited in Germany?

Those who do so should be aware that downloading copyright-protected material and making it available to the public via peer-to-peer file-sharing software is illegal in Germany. Under German copyright rules, internet users can be held accountable for damages to the copyright owners.

Why is torrenting prohibited in Germany?

German file-sharing regulations are strict and condemn any file-sharing activity involving copyrighted content. Both downloading and uploading are illegal. It is the uploading portion of the procedure that will result in complications.

How do German ISPs know you’re torrenting?

Your IP address is the primary method by which law firms and other interested parties, including your ISP, can locate you. German law firms employ third-party anti-piracy services that analyze BitTorrent traffic for copyrighted items and record IP addresses of people who are actively downloading files unlawfully in Germany.

Are direct downloads prohibited in Germany?

Keep in mind that unlawful downloading is punishable under German law (torrents or otherwise). Watching a movie or downloading a song from the internet is frequently restricted unless the source is permitted and the download is for personal use. Such downloads can result in significant fines.

What is the penalty in Germany for illegal torrenting?

Streaming and torrenting movies on suspicious websites get prohibited in Germany. A fine ranging from 150 EUR to 1,500 EUR is possible if in case you are caught illegally streaming.

Is it legal to view pirated movies in Germany?

It is unlawful in Germany to stream pirated content. Avoid sites like Popcorn Time and 123movies, for example. Secure streaming options include YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. When selecting streaming platforms for use in Germany, a little discretion can go a long way in protecting you.

Is it possible to download music in Germany?

Music is protected under copyright laws in Germany. You should pay to download songs to your phone or laptop. Downloading music from official apps such as Spotify can be free and legal in Germany. Otherwise, much of the music available for free download on the internet is unlawful and violates the artist’s copyright.

How stringent are Germany’s piracy laws?

In Germany, however, illegally downloading copyrighted content is strongly prohibited by law and is routinely pursued by private law companies that send cease and desist letters. If you read these lines, you’re presumably holding a letter from a German lawyer demanding payment for compensation.

In Germany, how can I torrent safely?

You can torrent safely in Germany if you keep your internet activities private. While a VPN for torrenting will make your activities private and hidden from prying eyes, you may still be vulnerable to malware from some public torrent sites. To torrent safely and discreetly in Germany, download a VPN for free and connect to your optimal server automatically with a single click. See the magic unfold!

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