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Top 28 Most Demanding Jobs in Canada [New NOC CODE 2023]

Most Demanding Jobs in Canada

With an increasing number of immigrants moving to Canada each year, one question we’re often asked is which jobs are most in-demand in Canada.

The job vacancy rate in Canada has been on the rise in recent years, hitting an all-time high in the first quarter of 2023. While various jobs are in-demand across Canada, several have seen especially strong growth in recent years.

There are job openings in various provinces and territories in Canada. And there is a place for everyone with different career paths and skill strengths, ranging from blue-collar to white-collar roles. Whether you’re looking for a career in engineering or sales, there’s an opportunity for you in Canada. With such a wide range of options available, there’s sure to be a perfect match for your skillset and interests. So don’t wait – start your job search today!

Here are the top 28 most in-demand jobs in Canada

  1. Web Developer
  2. Web developers play a vital role in IT departments of organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations and governments. A web developer is a specialist who is involved in the development of web applications and websites

    With Canada’s two-week processing timeline for the Global Talent Stream, web developers have a solid pathway to obtaining a Canada work permit. This makes it possible for web developers worldwide to come to Canada and contribute their skills to the economy.

    Average Salary: $72000

    NOC Code: 21234

    Related Occupations: Web Designer, Php developer, Web maintenance Engineer, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist.

  3. Marketing Manager
  4. By 2028, it is expected that there will be an increase in the demand for marketing, public relations, and advertising manager jobs in Canada- with a projected 20,000 jobs becoming available. Marketing managers help businesses execute marketing strategies both online and offline. To keep up with this demand, provinces often extend invitations to marketing managers from the Express Entry pool.

    Average Salary: $78000

    NOC Code: 10022

    Related Occupations: Marketing co-ordinator, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Associate, Public Relations Manager, Advertising Manager

  5. Registered nurse (RN)
  6. Jobs in the healthcare sector have been in high demand even before the pandemic, but now with the added pressure of a labor shortage, nurses are receiving more bonuses and perks than ever before.

    Fortunately, because there is such a high demand for nurses in Canada, there are several immigration options available to overseas candidates with experience in nursing. This means that if you’re a nurse looking to move to Canada, you have a good chance of being able to do so.

    Average Salary of a Registered Nurse in Canada: $70,000

    NOC Code: 31301

    Related Occupations: Nursing Assistant, Lab Technician, Nursing co-ordinator

  7. Financial Accountant
  8. As businesses grow and the economy slowly recovers from the pandemic, the role of accountants becomes increasingly important. A successful company needs accurate financial information in order to make sound decisions and keep track of its progress. Accountants help provide this critical information and are vital to the operations of any successful business.

    Most people think of accountants as people who keep track of financial records. While this is true, accountants are also experts in financial matters and are responsible for overseeing budgets, revenue, and expenses.

    Accounting is divided into various fields of specialization, such as auditing, taxation, payroll, and others. In order to be a successful accountant in Canada, it is necessary to possess a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) certification.

    Average Salary of an Accountant in Canada: $58000

    NOC Code: 11100

    Related Occupations: Financial Controller, Accounting manager, Accounting assistant, Payroll manager, Accounting clerks

  9. Human Resources Managers (HR)
  10. Human resources managers play a crucial role in recruiting the right talent in Canada’s tight job market. With the high demand for HR managers in Canada, it’s important for those in the role to be able to identify and attract top candidates.

    Average Salary of a Human Resources Manager (HR) in Canada: $86,000

    NOC Code: 10011

    Related Occupations: HR manager, HR assistants, IT recruiter

  11. Financial Advisor
  12. Financial advisors are responsible for giving individuals and families guidance on how to best manage their money. This can include everything from creating budgets and goal planning to help make investment decisions. In addition, financial advisors who work for a bank also promote the products and services offered by the financial institution.

    Average Salary of Financial Advisors in Canada: $63000

    NOC Code: 11102

    Related Occupation: Financial Managers, Financial Officers, Financial controller

  13. Electrical Engineer
  14. Electrical engineers are a vital role in the modern economy. They design, analyze, specify, construct and test electrical systems and components, making sure they operate safely and efficiently. With their broad range of skills and knowledge, electrical engineers make a significant contribution to the success of many businesses and organizations. Electrical maintenance is essential for any industry including hospitals, manufacturing units, IT companies, and medium to large-scale business organizations for their proper functioning and operations.

    Average Salary of Electrical Engineer in Canada: $92000

    NOC Code: 21310

    Related Occupation: Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Electricians, Industrial Electricians, Electrical maintenance Engineers.

  15. IT project manager
  16. IT project managers are in high demand due to the growing tech industry in Canada. They help to oversee, plan and implement a business’s IT goals. Most IT jobs are in demand across Canada, so IT project managers are needed to fill these positions. IT specialists are more in demand than ever because more employees are working from home on their own equipment during the pandemic, as Pan points out. He also mentions that it’s important for employers to make sure their employees are productive while working from home so they don’t lose potential clients. The trend of working from home is expected to continue even after the pandemic is over, so the demand for IT specialists will likely not drop off.

    Average Salary of IT project manager in Canada: $50000

    NOC Code: 21300

    Related Occupation: Dev Ops manager, Digital marketing project manager, Client relations manager, IT Support Specialist.

  17. Mechanical Engineer
  18. If you’re looking for a career in mechanical engineering, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in Canada. With the right credentials, experience, and education, you can secure a good job in this field. Mechanical engineers play an important role in many industries, so there is always a demand for qualified mechanical engineering professionals in Canada.

    Mechanical engineers are responsible for researching, designing, and developing machinery and systems used in a variety of industries, from power generation and transportation to processing and manufacturing. They can be employed by consulting firms, power-generating utilities, or a wide range of manufacturing, processing, and transportation businesses.

    Average Salary of a Mechanical Engineer in Canada: $68000

    NOC Code: 21301

    Related Occupation: Mechanical maintenance engineer, Fluid mechanics engineer, Nuclear engineer, Thermal design engineer

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  19. Pharmacist
  20. During the time of the pandemic, there has been a huge growth in the requirement for pharmacists in Canada. As a pharmacist, you can play an important role in promoting wellness and health. You can pursue a career path working in a hospital, or drugstore, or by starting your own pharmacy. By collaborating with different programs and services, you can help people lead healthier lives.

    A lot of opportunities are there for Pharmacists in various Canadian provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and New Brunswick.

    In order to become a pharmacy technician in Canada, you must have a degree in pharmacy from an accredited institution, pass the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) certification exam, and be registered in your province or territory.

    Average Salary of a Pharmacist in Canada: $55000

    NOC Code: 31120

    Related Occupation: Chemists, Biologists and related scientists, community pharmacists, industrial pharmacists, and hospital pharmacists.

  21. Industrial Electrician
  22. Industrial electricians are in high demand across Canada this year, as the country is expected to need 23,400 of them from 2019-2028 to fill labor market gaps. Only 20,300 job seekers are expected to be available to fill these roles, so electricians are vital to keeping operations going in Canada. If you’re an electrician, you’ll likely have no trouble finding work in any province of Canada.

    A lot of opportunities are there for Industrial electricians in various Canadian provinces like Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

    Average Salary of an Industrial Electrician in Canada: $65000

    NOC Code: 72201

    Related Occupation: Power system electricians, Plant electricians, Mine electricians, Industrial Electrician

  23. Driver
  24. There is a high demand for commercial drivers in Canada, as businesses need people to move goods and products around. If you have a commercial vehicle driver’s license or forklift operator certification, you should be able to find employment easily.

    As a transport truck driver, you will operate heavy trucks to transport goods and materials over long distances. You may be employed by a transportation company, manufacturing company, distribution company, or moving company. You may also be self-employed. This job also includes drivers of special-purpose trucks and shunters who move trailers to and from loading docks within trucking yards or lots.

    A lot of opportunities are there for Transport drivers in various Canadian provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Québec

    Average Salary of a driver in Canada: $45000

    NOC Code: 73300

    Related Occupation: Oil And Gas Transportation Services, Propane Truck Operator, Tractor-trailer Commercial Driver, Line Truck Driver, Driver (oil And Gas Industry)

  25. Welder
  26. Welders are responsible for using welding equipment to weld together metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This job also includes machine operators who are in charge of running production welding, brazing, and soldering equipment that has already been set up. Welders are employed by companies that make products out of metal, such as structural steel and plate work, boilers, heavy machinery, aircraft, ships, and other metal products.

    This is a highly skilled trade that requires welders to have significant training and experience. In order to become a welder in Canada, you need to complete vocational training or an apprenticeship, or both. This job is now among the top 15 in-demand jobs for the current year, due to the diminishing number of skilled trade workers.

    A lot of opportunities are there for welders in various Canadian provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Québec.

    Average Salary of an welder in Canada: $72000

    NOC Code: 72106

    Related Occupation: Pressure Welder, Welder, And Related Machine Operators, Welder-assembler, submerged arc welder, brazing machine operator, laser welding operator, aviation welding technician

  27. Professor/Lecturer
  28. University professors and lecturers play an important role in education by teaching courses to undergraduate and graduate students and conducting research at universities. University professors who are heads of departments are included in this unit group. As educators, university professors help shape the future by imparting knowledge to students who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

    As a university professor, you will be responsible for teaching one or more subjects to undergraduate and graduate students. This will include preparing and delivering lectures, as well as conducting laboratory sessions or discussion groups. You will also be responsible for preparing, administering, and grading examinations, laboratory assignments, and reports. Additionally, you will advise students on course and academic matters, career decisions, and research matters. Finally, you will also be expected to conduct research in your field of specialization and publish findings in scholarly journals or books.

    A lot of opportunities are there for Professor/Lecturer in various Canadian provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario

    Average Salary of a Professor/Lecturer in Canada: $100000

    NOC Code: 41200

    Related Occupation: university professor, associate professor of linguistics, engineering instructor – university, professor of medicine – university, Post-secondary teaching, and research assistants, College, and other vocational instructors

  29. Business Development Manager
  30. Business development managers play a vital role in customer and client prospecting, as well as assisting the sales staff in closing deals. They are responsible for developing relationships with potential customers and clients, as well as maintaining relationships with existing ones. They also work closely with the sales team to identify new business opportunities and help them close deals. To start a career in BDE you should have Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Sport Management, Commerce, Advertising and/or Fund Development. A skilled business development manager should have excellent communication skills to close sales, marketing skills, and negotiation skills.

    A lot of opportunities are there for business development managers in various Canadian provinces Ontario, British Columbia, Toronto, and Quebec.

    Average Salary of a Business development managers in Canada: $84000

    NOC Code: 41402

    Related Occupation: Sales executive, Business development manager, BD Consultants

  31. Veterinarian (Vet)
  32. Veterinarians work to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases and disorders in animals. They also advise clients on how to best care for their animals, including matters of feeding, hygiene, housing, and general care. Veterinarians can be employed in private practice or by animal clinics, farms, laboratories, government organizations, or industry.

    People in Canada love animals, especially cats and dogs. However, the amount of veterinarians in Canada is low in comparison to the demand for their services. If you want to become a veterinarian, you need to get a degree from a vet school as well as a license from the area’s regulatory body. You should need a certification from the provincial regulatory authority to start working as a Veterinarian in Canada.

    See the website and learn more details https://workersmobility.ca/

    A lot of opportunities are there for veterinarians in various Canadian provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

    Average Salary of Veterinarians in Canada: $85000

    NOC Code: 31103

    Related Occupation: veterinary surgeon, Animal health technologist and veterinary technicians, farm veterinarian, veterinary inspector, a veterinary pathologist

  33. Project Manager – Non-technical
  34. Administrative officers play a crucial role in ensuring that administrative procedures are carried out efficiently and effectively. They are often responsible for establishing work priorities, conducting analyses of administrative operations, and coordinating the acquisition of administrative services such as office space, supplies, and security services. Administrative officers can be found in both the public and private sectors. Those who supervise other administrative staff are also included in this unit group.

    A lot of opportunities are there for Project Managers – Non-technical in various Canadian provinces like Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and QuĂ©bec.

    Average Salary of a Project Manager – Non-technical in Canada: $90000

    NOC Code: 13100

    Related Occupation: Executive assistants, Conference and event planners, Property administrators, Access to information, and privacy officer, Administrative officer, Administrative services coordinator, Forms management officer

  35. Mobile Application Developers
  36. Mobile application developers are responsible for the design, development, testing, and corrections of code for new software or mobile apps. They also analyze information to recommend and plan the installation of new systems or modifications of existing apps. In addition, mobile app developers have to evaluate simple interrelationships between programs to see how a change in one part of a program might affect another related part.

    A lot of opportunities are there for Mobile Application Developers in various Canadian provinces like Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta.

    Average Salary of a Mobile Application Developer in Canada: $76000

    NOC Code: 21232

    Related Occupation: Application programmer, Computer game developer, Electronic business (e-business) software developer, Interactive media developer, Multimedia developer, Software developer, Software development project manager, Software programmer

  37. Computer Software Engineer in Canada
  38. Software engineers and designers are responsible for developing and maintaining software applications, operating systems, and information warehouses. They use their programming skills to research, design, evaluate, and integrate new software applications. In addition, they are responsible for maintaining existing software programs and ensuring that they operate effectively. Software engineers and designers are employed in a variety of industries, including information technology consulting firms, information technology research and development firms, and information technology units in both the private and public sectors. Some software engineers and designers are self-employed.

    Many opportunities exist for Computer Software engineers in various Canadian provinces like Ontario,

    Average Salary of a Computer Software Engineer in Canada: $80000

    NOC Code: 21231

    Related Occupation: Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers), Database analysts and data administrators, Web developers and programmers, Data scientists, Cloud infrastructure engineers, Cloud operations engineers, Computer software engineers, Embedded software engineer

  39. Logistics/Transportation Managers
  40. Managers who specialize in transportation operations are in charge of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the activities of transportation companies. These could include railways, airlines, bus lines, municipal transit systems, shipping lines, and trucking companies. The managers typically report to a general manager or another senior manager. Similarly, managers who handle freight traffic are responsible for the transportation and movement of goods. These individuals also report to a general manager or senior manager.

    A lot of opportunities are there for Transportation Managers in various Canadian provinces like Ontario, and Toronto.

    Average Salary of an Industrial Transportation Manager in Canada: $85000

    NOC Code: 70020

    Related Occupation: Facility operation and maintenance managers, Senior managers – construction, transportation, production and utilities, Bus company manager, Distribution manager – logistics, Flight operations manager, Freight forwarding manager

  41. Customer Service Representative
  42. Customer and information services representatives are responsible for answering customer inquiries, providing information about an establishment’s goods and services, and assisting with customer service requests such as payments and service requests. They work in retail establishments, contact centers, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, utility companies, and other public and private sector organizations.

    A lot of opportunities are there for welders in various Canadian provinces like Manitoba, Winnipeg region,

    Average Salary of a Customer Service Representative in Canada: $72000

    NOC Code: 64409

    Related Occupation: Retail salespersons and visual merchandisers, Customer and information, services supervisors, Receptionists, Customer service representative – call center, Inquiries clerk, Information clerk – customer service

    The job title “Customer Information Service Representative – Retail” was moved from the group “Other customer and information services representatives (NOC 6552)” to the new group “Other customer and information services representatives (NOC 64409).”

  43. Aerospace Engineer
  44. Aerospace engineers have a vast and demanding set of responsibilities related to aircraft and spacecraft. They must design and develop vehicles, systems, and components that meet stringent safety requirements. In addition, they are responsible for testing, evaluating, installing, and maintaining aerospace vehicles and systems. Aerospace engineers are employed by aircraft and spacecraft manufacturers, airlines, government agencies, and educational institutions.

    A lot of opportunities are there for Aerospace engineers in various Canadian provinces like Manitoba, Quebec, and Ontario.

    Average Salary of an Aerospace Engineer in Canada: $90000

    NOC Code: 21390

    Related Occupation: aerodynamics engineer, aeronautical engineer, aircraft design engineer, stress engineer aerospace, test engineer aerospace

  45. Cloud Architect – Information Technology (IT)
  46. Cloud computing architectures are designed to handle the various components and subcomponents involved in cloud computing. The most common elements of a cloud computing architecture include a front-end platform, back-end platforms, cloud-based delivery, and a network. These elements work together to provide the necessary infrastructure for cloud computing.

    The global demand for cloud architects has risen sharply in recent years due to the growing focus on cloud computing and infrastructure. For greater scalability, mobility, and security, many businesses have switched to cloud platforms, making Cloud Solutions Architects some of the highest-paid IT specialists. A Cloud Architect is responsible for translating a project’s technical specifications into the architecture and design that will eventually create the final product. Cloud Architects often play a key role in connecting complicated business challenges with cloud-based solutions.

    Many opportunities exist for Cloud Architects in various Canadian provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Québec.

    Average Salary of a Cloud Architect in Canada: $72000

    NOC Code: 21231

    Related Occupation: Application Architect, Cloud infrastructure engineer, Cloud operations engineer, Computer software engineer, Embedded software engineer

  47. Optician
  48. To become a Licensed Optician in Canada, individuals must enroll in an accredited Opticianry Program offered by a post-secondary educational institution. Opticianry Programs can be completed full-time, part-time, or through online study, and range in length from 1-3 years depending on the institution.

    A lot of opportunities are there for Optician in various Canadian provinces like Ontario, Toronto, Ottawa.

    Average Salary of an Optician in Canada: $72000

    NOC Code: 32100

    Related Occupation: Contact lens fitter, Contact lens practitioner, Dispensing optician,Licensed optician

  49. Accounting clerks
  50. Accounting and related clerks are responsible for calculating, preparing, and issuing documents related to accounts, such as bills, invoices, inventory reports, account statements, and other financial statements using computerized and manual systems. This position is responsible for handling cash and cash-related transactions, issuing receipts, recording and typing money lists, balancing cash funds, and entering cash transactions into ledgers. This role also reconciles cash reports and prepares bank deposits.

    Many opportunities for Accounting clerks in various Canadian provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Québec.

    Average Salary of Accounting Clerks in Canada: $47000

    NOC Code: 14200

    Related Occupation: Audit clerk, billing clerk, deposit clerk, income tax return preparer, Payroll Administrator, Accounting technician, and bookkeeper

  51. Cybersecurity Specialists
  52. There is a growing demand for cyber security professionals in Canada, with more and more positions opening up every year. This trend is not unique to Canada; globally, there are thousands of vacant cybersecurity positions. Cybersecurity professionals are required in various fields including Banking, Government, Health, and Transportation. Cyber strategists are responsible to protect the digital assets of the organization including mobile apps, networks, servers, websites, and more. Also, cybersecurity professionals are not only protecting us from cyber threats but also defending our nation, securing our telecommunications infrastructure
    safeguarding our money, protecting our electrical distribution systems
    protecting our privacy, ensuring our medical information remains private, stopping ransomware attacks

    A lot of opportunities are there for welders in various Canadian provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Québec.

    Average Salary of a Cybersecurity Specialist in Canada: $91,237

    NOC Code: 21220

    Related Occupation: Penetration tester, IT support specialist, Network security operator, Cyber security operations analyst, Security administrator, Digital forensic analyst, Information system security manager

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  53. Digital Marketing professionals
  54. The field of digital marketing is growing rapidly in Canada due to the globalization of business. This trend is expected to continue into the future, and marketers should be aware of digital marketing opportunities in Canada. Canada offers many opportunities for digital marketing, and marketers should be taking advantage of these opportunities to grow their businesses.

    Digital marketing has great career opportunities in the top provinces and the cities of Canada like Montreal, Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, Mississauga, and Calgary. Also, Digital marketing is qualified for the in-demand occupation list for MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program).

    Average Salary of Digital Marketing professionals in Canada: $80000

    NOC Code: 11202

    Related Occupation: SEO specialist, Search marketing associate, web developer, Search paid advertiser.

  55. Health Care Assistant in Canada
  56. Nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates play an important role in assisting nurses and other hospital staff with the basic care of patients. They are employed in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare establishments.
    These dedicated professionals often work long hours on their feet, providing vital services to patients who may be unable to care for themselves. In addition to the physical demands of the job, nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates must also be emotionally prepared to deal with sick and sometimes dying patients.

    For Nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates & Other assisting occupations in support of health services, over the period 2019-2028, it is expected that there will be a total of 178,700 new job openings (arising from expansion demand and replacement demand). Additionally, it is expected that there will be 182,700 new job seekers (arising from school leavers, immigration, and mobility) available to fill these positions.

    A lot of opportunities are there for Health Care Assistants in various Canadian provinces like Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

    Average Salary of a Health Care Assistant in Canada: $50000

    NOC Code: 33102

    Related Occupation: personal care attendant – medical, emergency medical responder, resident care aide – medical, health care aide, psychiatric aide, Licensed practical nurses

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