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Cybersecurity Roadmap for Beginners [2024]

Cybersecurity Roadmap for Beginners

Cybersecurity is an emerging industry in Information technology that focuses on protecting computer systems, networks, cloud, applications, websites, and data from cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity also identifies the vulnerabilities in the digital system and makes it more secure from attacks. Data is the next fuel also it is highly valuable as it contains private data and confidential data which even affects the security of the nation.

It is the responsibility of the cybersecurity professional of the organization to protect the data from unauthorized access and make it free from vulnerabilities. Here we are discussing the roadmap for beginners in Cybersecurity to build a career in the cyber strategic field.

Cybersecurity As a Demanding Career in 2023

Cybersecurity is one of the most demanding careers in 2023, as the number of internet user, and smartphone users are increasing there is a hike in the number of cyber attacks and cyber problems in various fields. Also, the digital banking, fintech, and ed-tech fields are important areas where cybersecurity professionals are required. 

Estimated 2.72 million cybersecurity professionals are required in various industries in the near future. A graduate in computer science can choose cybersecurity as a profession and build a career in it.

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Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Skills for Beginners

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Security Risk And Compliance Consulting
  • Cloud Security
  • Data Privacy and Compliance
  • Cybersecurity Governance
  • Network Security

Here are some steps you can take to create a Roadmap for Beginners in Cyber Security:

  1. Consult with a cybersecurity internship institute in your area, or you can do a cybersecurity internship online.
  1. Complete the 3-6 Months of Cybersecurity internship from a reputed cybersecurity organization.
  1. In cybersecurity there are different sections, first, you can choose your areas of interest.
  1. Improve your technical skills required to be a cybersecurity professional. Cybersecurity requires a solid foundation in computer science, networking, and programming.
  1. Improve your skills by completing cybersecurity certifications it helps to enhance your skills and be up-to-date with the latest trends and updates in the industry.
  1. Learn and practice ethical hacking, ethical hacking is an important part of cyber security because it helps you understand how hackers think and operate. You can start by learning about common hacking techniques and tools
  1. Join online communities and forums to find the solutions and questions to be resolved.
  1. Find your dream job in any of the top cybersecurity companies in your country.

What is Penetration Testing and why is it in High Demand

Penetration testing is a cybersecurity practice of testing the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of an application, website, cloud, or any other system by simulating real-world cyber attacks. The Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing are one of the most important skills required in the field. There are several penetration testing tools and techniques that can be used to test the system. To become a penetration tester, you have a strong understanding of network security, operating systems, and application security, as well as skilled  with common tools and techniques of  penetration testing.

We TechyXpert.Com team is always happy to help passionate information and cybersecurity enthusiasts by sharing the latest trends and updates in the emerging field of cybersecurity.

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