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Jobs in UAE

Top 22 Most Demanding Jobs in Dubai & UAE 2023

Most demanding jobs in the UAE
If you’re looking for a high-paying job in the UAE, you should know where the jobs are and what skills you’ll need to stand out from the competition. The UAE government recently released a list of the most in-demand jobs in the UAE in 2023. This is the UAE’s most ambitious attempt to predict future job openings in the country. Here we have listed the top 22 job types that are in high demand in the UAE for the year 2023.

Let’s check out the 22 Most Demanding Jobs in the UAE in 2023

The Most Demanding Jobs in the UAE for 2023

  1. Doctors and Nurses
  2. The recent outbreaks of the Covid-19 virus, in the UAE and other gulf countries, have been a challenging situation for all. Out of all the countries affected, the UAE and its healthcare systems were quick to respond and implement a plan of action. The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD) was the first authority in the world to officially declare the Covid-19 virus outbreaks in the UAE. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a high demand for trained medical professionals in the UAE. Now, that need has increased even more, and one of the most in-demand jobs in UAE in 2023 is that of a registered nurse. Someone who has a nursing degree and experience caring for patients, providing basic life support, and managing patient safety will (in most cases) have an easy time finding a well-paying job in the UAE.

  3. Teaching Jobs
  4. Teaching jobs are in great demand in the UAE, especially in Dubai, but in other parts of the world as well. In fact, teaching jobs in UAE are very competitive and you need to stand out from other qualified candidates if you want to get hired.

  5. Petroleum Engineering Jobs
  6. Petroleum and Chemical Process Engineers are quite popular in Gulf countries, the UAE in particular. This is because large amounts of oil are discovered in Dubai. There is no doubt that the petroleum business is worth billions of dollars and the petroleum business is growing every year. In recent years, the demand for petroleum and chemical engineers has increased in the UAE which is a good sign for those looking to get into this field. 

  7. MEP Engineers
  8. Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing engineers are highly demanded in the UAE in 2023, Check out the detailed Scope of MEP Engineers in the UAE, as construction industry in the Middle east is estimated an annual growth of 4.4% in 2021 compared to the previous year, 2023 expecting an increased growth of the sector, also the demand for MEP manpower in the UAE is increasing year over year. Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing engineers are an essential resources for the construction of buildings.

  9. Healthcare Assistant Jobs
  10. Healthcare is an important sector for the United Arab Emirates due to its large population. An advanced and efficient healthcare system will be essential to maintain the steady growth of the country’s development. There are around 180 Medical Centers and healthcare institutions in the UAE that offer government authorised certificates to allow students to practice the healthcare profession. You can check out all the details regarding the Health care institutions and Healthcare facilities by the Government on the Ministry of Health and Prevention – UAE  website.

  11. Video Production Jobs
  12. Video production is an on-demand job skill in the UAE in 2023. Businesses need to have content that is both interesting and informative for branding and marketing activities. Video production requirements for the channels, and social media marketing activities are raising in the UAE. Videographers, Video editors, and Choreographers are the major job requirements of Video production in the UAE

  13. Website Development Jobs
  14. Web design and Web development skills are high in demand in the UAE in 2023. Businesses want to draw in customers, and individuals want to promote their personal brands and make their profiles stand out. If you have web development skills and experience, then there is a huge pool of jobs waiting for you in the UAE right now.

  15. Tourism & Hospitality Professionals
  16. If you have experience working in hospitality management, there are lots of hotels and other organizations throughout Dubai, UAE that need you. They have jobs available with great benefits, and the pay is good. If you’re looking for part-time or full-time employment, they have the opportunity for you.

  17. Software Developer Jobs 
  18. Globalization has resulted in many business practices that are new and complicated. That’s why there is a need for highly experienced and trained Software Engineers. UAE is the leading nation to bring in software engineers from all over the world. The UAE market has a huge demand for skilled software engineers.

  19. Retail Managers
  20. For Dubai residents, there’s no denying the fact that malls are the most popular form of entertainment in the city. Whether it’s just a quick visit to drain some time or a major shopping convention, Dubai’s malls offer the most diverse array of services, products, and activities to fit everyone’s needs. The mall industry in Dubai is a very robust industry, and it has become the main source of employment for many across the emirate, with thousands of young men and women working as sales associates and store managers, store supervisors and more. 

  21. Artificial Intelligence Experts
  22. The UAE is always the first to adopt the latest technology and digital innovations. Digitization and Artificial Intelligence ensure the digital UAE’s objectives. The Government of UAE is moving towards digitalization and artificial intelligence, which require in-house technology and cloud-based computing team experts.

  23. Data entry operators
  24. Data entry is one of the skills which high demand in the UAE in 2023, If you have data entry skills with average input speed you can work in any of the roles like data entry clerks, data entry operators, and data entry assistants.

  25. Digital Marketing Specialists
  26. Marketing and Branding are the two important aspects that are being demanded by the people in today’s marketplace. The demand for online marketing professionals in these fields is skyrocketing in the UAE in 2023. Hence, success in any business depends on an efficient marketing and branding strategy. This sector is not going anywhere, and it will remain in first priority for job seekers across the world.

  27. Civil Engineers
  28. As a rapidly expanding country, UAE’s construction sector is one of its most prominent employment sectors. It is one of the main reasons why thousands of ex-pats and locals alike flock to this desert paradise. Civil Engineers are high in demand in the UAE, a 4 Year Engineering graduate specialising in Civil engineering can find a lot of job opportunities in Dubai, Ajam, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.

  29. Cybersecurity experts
  30. The need for cyber security analysts and risk managers in the UAE is growing. Especially because online transactions are growing exponentially. This has brought new and diverse job opportunities to the table.

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  31. Financial Accounting Jobs
  32. There are a large number of a financial analyst and financial account manager jobs available to those with a background in finance in the UAE. The greatest demand is for professionals with internships or entry-level experience. Think about the jobs you’re interested in and the skills you’ll need to get them. For example, if you want to be a financial analyst, you’ll need to be adept at statistics, modelling and forecasting numbers, and evaluating estimates.

  33. Customer Relationship Managers
  34. With the continuous boom of businesses in the UAE, the job sector is safe to say that there has been a rise in the demand for professionals in business development and Customer Relationship jobs. Majority of the service-oriented businesses need to maintain a loyal and trustworthy customer relationship throughout the pre-sales and after-sales service. Keeping your business on track needs a continuous development of working plans. This is why businesses are slowly shifting their sights toward customer relationship management roles.

  35. Language Translator Jobs
  36. Language Translating skills in the UAE and the Middle East are very in-demand, as a huge amount of work is needed to make sure customers can read and respond to orders in the local language of Arabic. As a translator in the UAE, you have a lot of different directions that you can take in your career to rise through the ranks and earn a great living. You need to translate several documents from Arabic to English like TAM Invoices, Legal Documents, Medical Records, Business Documents, Marketing Materials, Website Content, Video Transcription, and Court Sessions.

  37. Administrative Assistant Jobs
  38. Administrative assistants and associated can play an essential role in ensuring businesses, companies, and agencies – both big and small – run their daily activities smoothly. Administrative assistants make sure their managers have all the tools they need to complete their tasks and objectives.

  39. Graphic Designers
  40. With so many brands, businesses, products, and services growing, there is a huge demand for skilled, creative designers in the UAE. If you’re interested in pursuing graphic design as a side business that you can run remotely, you’ll find plenty of work available here.

  41. E-commerce experts
  42. The e-commerce market is flourishing at the moment and companies are struggling to keep up. During the time of COVID 19 lockdown, retail shops are thinking about online eCommerce stores and they started an online store, which raises the need for eCommerce specialists in the UAE. 

  43. Recruiters & Manpower suppliers
  44. It is important for the workforce to be well trained and motivated for every organization. The work of a human resources manager is to make sure that employees are compliant with their organization’s policies and rules and to keep them happy. There are many job opportunities in human resources management in the UAE. A lot of manpower supply companies are working in the UAE providing on-demand and contract manpower resources. If you are looking to build a career in the UAE you can choose any of the listed most demanding jobs in the UAE in 2023, and if you are interested in any of the suggested fields mentioned above you can contact Manpower.ae, we help you to find the desired job in the UAE for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Most Demanding Jobs in UAE

    What Skills Are in High Demand in the UAE?
    Health care professionals, construction engineering, mechanical engineering, sales are the skills which are high demand in the UAE.
    What jobs will be needed most in the UAE in 10 years from now?
    Petroleum Engineering, Construction Engineering jobs are needed most in the UAE 10 years from now.
    Which job has highest salary in UAE?
    Salary is determined by the employer that you are working for and the skills and the experience that you have acquired, also health care professionals including Doctors, Nurses and the Petroleum engineers get the best industry standard salary in the UAE.
    Which course is best for job in UAE?
    Finding a job is always hard, but if you are passionate on your job skill set and you have enough experience to handle the responsibility then it will a best career for you. So while choosing a course always ask yourself about your skills, passion and hobbies..
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