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Top NFT Marketplace Development Services Companies in the World [2023]

Top NFT marketplace development services companies in the world

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a new way to own and collect online assets. You can think of them as digital versions of traditional collectibles like art, music, and video. NFTs exist on blockchains, the same technology that powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

The popularity of NFTs has exploded in recent months, and the NFT market is now worth over $40 billion, according to The 2021 NFT Market Report from blockchain data company Chainalysis.

A digital NFT marketplace is a sort of like an online art gallery. It’s a place where people can go to view, store, and buy or sell NFTs. These platforms usually use cryptocurrency or money as a form of payment. Here we have listed the Top NFT marketplace development companies in the world.

How Do NFT Marketplaces Work?

Creating an account with an NFT marketplace allows you to explore all of the available NFT options they have for sale. You can also add a payment method to your account, and depending on the marketplace, you may be required to link a crypto wallet to pay with cryptocurrency or you may be able to use a credit card.

Top NFT Marketplaces 2023

  • Binance NFT
  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • NBA Top Shot
  • Foundation
  • SuperRare
  • Solanart
  • Jump.trade
  • Axie Infinity

Top NFT Marketplace Development Companies in the World

  1. Suffescom Solutions
  2. codezeros suffescom nft marketplace development company world

    Suffescom Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an app development company headquartered in Chandigarh, India. Suffescom is one of the best choices for launching customized NFT Marketplace development services, they provide custom solutions for app development that bring clients tangible and measurable results to help them grow their businesses and enhance their brands. Suffescom Solutions is an Emerging Web3 & Blockchain Company from Indian providing advanced NFT Marketplace development services including OpenSea Like Marketplace, Decentraland Clone Portal, NFT Marketplace For Memes, White Label NFT Marketplace, SuperRare Clone Marketplace, NFT Marketing Company, Raible Like NFT Marketplace, Coinmarketcap Like Portal, NFT Minting Website Development for various clients across the globe. Solana, Polygon, and Ethereum are the major blockchain platforms that the company has expertise in.

    Client base: US, UK, Australia, Newzealand

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Cryptocurrency wallet development, Coin Development, Digital Marketing, Smart contract Development, and Binance Like Exchange Development

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/suffescom/

    Website: https://www.suffescom.com/

    Branches: Newyork, Austin, Los Angels, Mohali 

  3. Codezeros
  4. codezeros nft marketplace development company world

    Codezeros is a technology company that uses blockchain technology to help clients improve their business structures by simplifying logistical processes. Codezeros is in tune with the potential of the NFT industry and its various applications. They provide any blockchain-based NFT development services that are relevant and specialized. Codezeros consists of experienced web designers, developers, and marketers who will make your NFT marketplace or website a success with efficient designing and targeted marketing.

    Client base: US, UK, Europe

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, Blockchain Development, DApps, P2P Networks, ICO Development, Wallet Development, Cryptocurrency Development, Hyperledger, Hedera Hashgraph, Smart Contracts, Blockchain Consulting

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/codezeros/about/

    Website: https://www.codezeros.com/

    Branches: Alabama, Ahmedabad (India)

  5. AppDupe
  6. Appdupe nft marketplace development company world

    AppDupe is an Indian company founded in 2007 specializing in end-to-end blockchain and NFT marketplace development services. Appdupe provides Music NFT Marketplace development, Generic NFT Marketplace development, and Sports NFT Marketplace development services.

    Client base: USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Vietnam, Europe

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, Blockchain Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Crypto Launchpad Development, Custom NFT Development, Metaverse, NFT Games, IDO Launchpad, White-label NFT solutions.

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/appdupe/

    Website: https://www.appdupe.com/

    Branches: Chennai, Bangalore (India)

  7. The NineHertz
  8. nine hertz nft marketplace development company
    NineHertz NFT Marketplace Development Company

    Founded in 2008, The NineHertz is an IT industry leader in developing creative mobile apps and web development services. With a successful track record of over 1000 applications for iOS, Android, and web.

    Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to blockchain development, Metaverse development, Web3 technologies, mobile app and, emerging technologies (IoT, AR/VR, Big Data, iBeacon, and PWA), Salesforce, Talend Data Integration, Digital Marketing, Industrial Solutions, and E-Commerce Services. The NineHertz is a specialized NFT development company providing Decentralized NFT Development, NFT Minting Platform Development, NFT Multiverse Platform Development, NFT P2P Exchange Development, Cross-Chain NFT Development, NFT Based ICO Development, Play-To-Earn NFT Games, NFT Exchange Development and more. 

    Client base: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, India

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, Blockchain Development, Game development, Mobile app development, Web development, Cross-platform mobile app development,

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nine-hertz-india-pvt-ltd-/

    Website: https://theninehertz.com/

    Branches: Jaipur, London, New South Wales, Montreal, Atlanta, Sharjah

  9. LeewayHertz 
  10. Leeway Hertz NFT marketplace development company
    Leeway Hertz NFT marketplace development company

    LeewayHertz is a Web3 development company that specializes in custom Web3 solutions for startups, DAOs, and enterprises. We have a team of experienced developers who are familiar with all the latest Web3 technologies and can help you build a secure and scalable solution for your business. LeewayHertz team is creating a versatile team of blockchain developers who can build apps on a variety of different plfatforms. These include but are not limited to Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Iroha, Hyperledger Indy, EOS, Stellar, Tron, and Corda.

    Client base:  USA, UK, Australia, Europe

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, Blockchain Development, AI, IoT, Machine Learning, Custom Software, Enterprise Software, dApps, blockchain development, technology, startups, big data, software design, agile software development, and mobile applications.

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/leewayhertz-technologies/

    Website: https://www.leewayhertz.com

    Branches: San Francisco, New York, Chicago

  11. Kellton Tech 
  12. Kelllton tech nft marketplace development comapny
    Kelllton tech NFT marketplace development comapny

    Kellton Tech is a publicly listed company that provides cutting-edge digital transformation solutions and services that help our clients bridge the gap between their business goals and technological possibilities. A CMMI Level 5 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which means that we adhere to the highest standards of quality and service in the industry. Kellton is a team of 1800+ employees founded in 2019 providing NFT, Blockchain, and the latest tech solutions from startups to Fortune 500 companies around the world.

    Client base:  USA, UK, India, Singapore, UAE, Canada

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, Blockchain Development, Cloud Computing, ERP, Mobility Solutions, Web-based Consumer and Enterprise Applications, Customized App Development, Strategic Mobility Solutions, Drupal Development, SAP, EAI, Digital Transformation, and SAP

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kellton-tech/

    Website: http://www.kelltontech.com

    Branches: Chicago, London, Singapore, Dubai, San Francisco, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Vishakapatnam

  13. Infinite Block Tech
  14. infinite block tech NFT marketplace development company
    Infinite block tech NFT marketplace development company

    Infinite Block Tech is a high expertise blockchain development company providing advanced blockchain-based technology solutions. Infinite Block Tech services are just what the doctor ordered for businesses spanning a large scale of sectors. We provide highly tailored blockchain development solutions across numerous industries. Our decentralized and automated process has saved our clients millions of dollars in operating costs and manual labor. With our strategically designed offerings such as ICO, Smart contract, smart wallets, Hyperledger, and other blockchain-based solutions, we can help your business realize its full potential.

    Client base:  USA, UK, Canada, Europe, India

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, Defi development, ICO Development, Cryptocurrency development, blockchain consulting, blockchain IOT development, cryptocurrency exchange software.

    Website: https://www.infiniteblocktech.com/

    Branches: UK, USA, Canada, India

  15. Silicon IT Hub 
  16. SILICON IT Hub NFT market place development company
    SILICON IT Hub NFT market place development company

    Silicon IT Hub is a web and mobile app development company headquartered in Ahmedabad India, that has been helping businesses of all sizes take advantage of the digital revolution since 1998. A team of 200+ professionals comes from diverse backgrounds and is committed to helping clients succeed in their business. Silicon IT Hub is one of the leading Blockchain development companies in India providing NFT marketplace development services for various segments. 

    Client base:  USA, UK, India

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, Mobile Application, Web Design and Development, Web Application and Maintainance, Open Source Solution, Software Development, ECommerce Solutions

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/silicon-it-hub-pvt-ltd/

    Website: ​​https://siliconithub.com

    Branches: Ahmedabad, Wilmington, Northwood

  17. Innowise Group
  18. Innowise nft marketplace development company
    Innowise NFT Marketplace development company

    Innowise Group is a software development company that specializes in digital innovations. Founded in 2007, In nowise has delivery centers in Europe and offices worldwide. Inowise is a specialized NFT marketplace development and Blockchain development company in Europe with offices in various parts of Europe. 

    Innowise Group provides NFT asset design, Intellectual property tokenization, NFT minting, Smart contract development, Cross-chain NFT platform development, and Migrating NFTs.

    Innowise Group is the best choice for developing a cutting-edge NFT marketplace, With over 15 years of experience in software development and blockchain technology, we have the skills and expertise to build a marketplace that is both functional and secure. Our team of world-class developers can also provide a wide range of services to help you get your marketplace up and running.

    Client base:  Europe

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, Blockchain Development, Software Product Development, Metaverse, Establishing of Dedicated Development Centers, Software Outsourcing, IT Audit and Consulting, Software Architecture, Business Analysis, IT Outstaffing & Staff Augmentation, Digital Transformation, UI/UX Design, 3D Design & Animation, Quality Assurance, Project Management, DevOps, Main Technologies: Java, .NET/C#, PHP, Python, Unity 3D, Mobile, AR, MR, VR, Machine Learning, 

    Linkedin Page:https://www.linkedin.com/company/innowise-group/

    Website: https://innowise-group.com/

    Branches: Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia

  19. IDS Logics
  20. IDS Logic NFT Marketplace development company
    IDS Logic NFT Marketplace development company

    IDS Logic has been a driving force in digitization since 2007, with a long list of satisfied customers across the world. As one of the most successful NFT platform development companies in the US and UK, IDS Logic has become a go-to choice for business owners who need support services. With a team of experts in security, control, and fast response times, the company provides top-tier service to its many international clients.

    Client base:  UK, USA, Europe, India

    Major Services: NFT platform development, mobile app development, Magento development, eCommerce, Sharepoint.

    Linkedin Page: https://www.idslogic.co.uk/

    Website: https://www.idslogic.co.uk/

    Branches: Leeds, Valladolid, Sanjose, Noida

  21. TurnkeyTown
  22. Turnkey Town NFT Marketplace Development Company
    Turnkey Town NFT Marketplace Development Company

    TurnkeyTown was one of the first companies to provide NFT development services when blockchain technology was created. TurnkeyTown is a leading provider of  NFT Marketplace development services to entrepreneurs who want to enter the cryptocurrency field. TurnkeyTown offers a variety of services, including NFT marketplace development and marketing, that can be customized to our client’s needs. An experienced team of blockchain experts will guide us through the process of designing and implementing blockchain solutions. 

    Client base:  UK, USA, Europe

    Major Services: White-label NFT Marketplace, NFT Gaming Platform Development, NFT Music Marketplace Development, NFT Sports Marketplace Development, NFT Art Marketplace Development, NFT Ticketing Marketplace Development, NFT Music Marketplace Like Royal, Binance NFT Marketplace Clone, NFT Collectible Marketing Services, NFT PR Marketing Services, NFT Discord Marketing Services

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/turnkeytown/

    Website: https://www.turnkeytown.com/

    Branches: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  23. Antier Solutions
  24. Antier NFT Marketplace development Company
    Antier tech NFT Marketplace Development Company

    Antier is one of the world’s premiere blockchain development companies. 

    Antier specialist team provides enterprise-grade blockchain app development services which ensure transparency and immutability over a distributed ledger. Defi 2.0, Metaverse ecosystems, DAOs, Exchanges & wallets, crypto banks, NFTs, and more. Antier is a team of 300+ members and completed 500+ projects in various blockchain and NFT solutions. All the projects are driven by the design thinking process which has been handled by expert blockchain professionals. 

    Client base:  UK, USA, UAE, Australia

    Major Services: White-label NFT Marketplace, Blockchain solutions, Digital Wallet, Smart contract Development, Defi, Crypto banking, fintech, blockchain development, metaverse development.

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/antiersolutions/

    Website: https://www.antiersolutions.com/

    Branches: Nottingham, Mohali, Ras Al Khaima, USA

  25. RWaltz Software
  26. Rwaltz NFT marketplace development company
    Rwaltz NFT Marketplace Development Company

    RWaltz Group Inc. is an Atlanta-based company that provides blockchain application development services to clients around the world. Rwaltz is a team of experts in custom blockchain application development with excellent user interfaces.

    Client base:  USA, India, Europe

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, Cryptocurrency Development, Token Development, Wallet App Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Launchpad Development, Coin Listing, Blockchain Services, Enterprise Blockchain, Smart Contract Development, DApps Development, Smart Contract Audit, DeFi Development

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rwaltzsoftware/

    Website: https://rwaltz.com/

    Branches: Atlanta, Hyderabad, London, Nashik, Cameroon, Uganda

  27. MobileCoderz Technologies
  28. mobilecoderz nft marketplace development company
    Mobilecoderz NFT Marketplace Development Company

    MobileCoderz Technologies is a Multinational Tech firm providing web app and mobile app development services to help businesses redefine their experience through digital transformation. MobileCoderz provides innovative technologies and end-to-end blockchain development, and NFT Marketplace development solutions to clients all over the world. MobileCoderz is a team of 100+ mobile app developers who have completed 300+ applications with advanced development processes and excellent UI design.

    Client base: UK, USA, UAE, Germany, Australia, New Zealand

    Major Services:  NFT Marketplace Development, Blockchain Development, Node.JS Development, Angular.JS Development, React Native Development, Flutter App Development

    PWA Development

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mobilecoderz-technologies-pvt-ltd/

    Website: https://mobilecoderz.com/

    Branches: Noida, Carson City, Jeddah, Karlsruhe, Sevenoaks

  29. Sparx IT Solutions
  30. Sparx it nft marketplace development
    Sparx IT NFT Marketplace Development Company

    Sparx IT Solutions is a digital solutions provider established in 2007 and has been ISO 9001:2008 certified company and recognized by NASSCOM. Sparx IT Solutions is a leading software development company that specializes in providing IT solutions for various technologies including PHP, WordPress, Magento, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Drupal, AR/VR, and ReactJS. Sparx IT Solutions have a proven track record of success when it comes to servicing top brands, startups, and Fortune 500 companies around the world.

    Client base:  UK, USA, UAE, Australia

    Major Services: Blockchain Development, NFT Marketplace Development, Smart Contract Development, Metaverse, DApp, Enterprise blockchain development

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sparx-it-solutions/

    Website: https://www.sparxitsolutions.com/

    Branches: Noida, New York, London

  31. Lightrains Technolabs
  32. Lightrains technolabs NFT marketplace Development Company
    Lightrains technolabs NFT marketplace Development Company

    Lightrains Technolabs is a blockchain development company, we focus on Blockchain and smart contracts to deliver innovative blockchain solutions at scale. Our main services center around: strategic architecting and consulting, innovation workshops: research, education and training, rapid prototype design and development, and more. With our help, you can enjoy real-time payments, zero fees, and simple global treasury management. Plus, our supply chain financing platform provides approved payables financing, while our receivables marketplace offers a multi-lender global receivables marketplace.

    Client base:  UK, USA, Europe 

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace development, Blockchain Consulting, Smart Contract Development, Smart Contract Auditing, Metaverse and Web3

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lightrains-technolabs-pvt-ltd/

    Website: https://lightrains.com

    Branches: Trivandrum

  33. Zfort Group
  34. zfort group nft marketplace development company
    Zfort Group NFT Marketplace Development Company

    ZFORT Group is an IT provider that offers web and mobile solutions. Zfort has been serving businesses across the globe since 2000 and its team includes over 200+ software development specialists. Some of the areas that we specialize in are PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, UI/UX Design, HTML/CSS, Quality Assurance, iOS, and Android development. Zfort Group is a specialized NFT marketplace development company offering a wide range of NFT development services including NFT for games, Real estate, music, Solana, Axie Infinity, and more. Zfort Group has a lot of experience when it comes to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and nft project development services.

    Zfort programmers are especially knowledgeable about Ethereum NFTs, such as ERC-721. We’re able to create tokens for physical assets (real estate, art objects), virtual assets (unique items in the game world), and even negative value assets (debts, bonds, liabilities). Out of all the popular ERC-721 options out there,”

    Client base:  UK, USA, Australia, Europe

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, NFT Game Development, NFT Collection Development, NFT Land Development, Real Estate NFT Development, Polygon NFT Development, DApp Development, Solana NFT Development, White Label NFT Development, Axie Infinity NFT Marketplace Development, Decentraland NFT Marketplace Development, Sandbox NFT Marketplace Development, Blockchain development and consulting.

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zfort-group/

    Website: https://www.zfort.com

    Branches: Kharkov, USA, UK, Australia, Ukraine

  35. Owebest
  36. Owebest NFT Marketplace Development Company
    Owebest NFT Marketplace Development Company

    Owebest is an IT company that is multi-national, fast-growing, and headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India. Owebest was established in 2017 by a team with over 12 years of experience in the industry. Owebest’s goal is to become a market leader and the first choice of customers by delivering innovative solutions with a high level of knowledge and quality. 

    Client base: USA, UAE, Canada, India

    Major Services: NFT Marketplace Development, Cryptocurrency Development Services, Bitcoin Software Development, Crypto Coin Creation, Crypto Coin Mining, Bitcoin exchange platform development

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/owebest-technologies-pvt-ltd/

    Website: https://www.owebest.com/

    Branches: Denver, Jaipur, Vancouver, Dubai

  37. Nextbrain
  38. Nextbrain tech NFT Marketplace Development Company
    Nextbrain tech NFT Marketplace Development Company

    Nextbrain is a web and mobile app development company that specializes in interactive UX design, web applications, mobile applications, and digital marketing services. Nextbrain is a team of experienced developers with an average of 5 years of professional experience. Nextbrain offers strategy, design, development, marketing, and analytics services to clients. Nextbrain specializes in developing NFT marketplaces using blockchain standards that are universally accepted. Nextbrain adds custom features to your platform in order to make it even better. 

    Client base:  USA, Canada, India

    Major Services:  NFT Marketplace Development, Blockchain development, NFT Token Development, Blockchain dApp development, Blockchain wallet development, Metaverse development.

    Linkedin Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nextbraintech/

    Website: https://www.nextbraintech.com/

    Branches: Bangalore, Coimbatore, Toronto, Franklin

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