WhatsApp New Features Launching in 2023

WhatsApp Search for messages by date

WhatsApp’s search for messages by date feature is now available for all iPhone users. This will help users to find a particular message in the long chat history.

Companion mode

The upcoming ‘Companion mode’ could soon change that by allowing users to link their existing WhatsApp account or mobile number with additional phones.

View Once text

This feature is really useful if you want the other party not to store any confidential and private information.

Picture-in-Picture for video calls on iOS

WhatsApp users on Android have been enjoying video calls in Picture-in-Picture mode for well over a few months.

Voice notes on status

Currently, WhatsApp lets users upload texts, images, videos, and URLs as status (stories) updates.

Call tab on WhatsApp desktop

WhatsApp is the go-to solution for video calls and group calls.

WhatsApp business directory

But for this to work, both existing and new WhatsApp Business accounts will have to send in their request to apply for the business directory and then only users on the platform will be able to find them.

Screenlock for WhatsApp Desktop

 Having a built-in screen lock adds additional layers of security provided the user has also enabled the device lock from settings. The feature could land on both Windows and Mac sometime in 2023.

Dedicated video mode

WhatsApp is working to get a new dedicated video mode on its platform.

Sending compression-free image

When sending images through WhatsApp, it often deteriorates the quality of images resulting in loss of details and resolution.