ChatGPT Security Risks

ChatGPT Security Risks

A phishing email is a type of malware wherein the attacker crafts a fraudulent, yet believable email to deceive recipients into carrying out harmful instructions. These instructions can be clicking on an unsecured link, opening an attachment, providing sensitive information, or transferring money into specific accounts. 

Phishing emails 

Data theft is any unauthorized exfiltration and access to confidential data on a network. This includes personal details, passwords, or even software codes – which can be used by threat actors in a ransomware attack or any other malicious purpose. 

Data theft 

Malware, or Malicious software, is a broad term referring to any kind of software that intends to harm the user in some form. It can be used to infiltrate private servers, steal information, or simply destroy data. 


A botnet attack is a targeted cyber-attack during which a collection of devices that are all connected to the internet are infiltrated and hijacked by a hacker. Referring to a robot network, a botnet attack is carried out by a nefarious actor that aims to seize control of a collection of computers, servers, and other types of networks for a series of potential malicious purposes.